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CAA Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Commonwealth Association of Architects

The Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) on the 16th June celebrated its fiftieth (50th) anniversary with its General Assembly meeting and conference at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London U.K. under the theme ‘ Designing City Resilience’ which provided tools for designing cities that can withstand natural, social and resource stresses and allow for sustainable development.

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This approach teaches methods to make recovery from events like flooding, hurricanes and other traumatic events least economically, financially and socially stressful. Also at the anniversary event, the CAA incoming Vice President Architect Vincent Cassar of Malta was received as President for the term 2016-2019 and Architect Kalim Siddiqqi was elected as Senior Vice president 2016-2019.

The objectives of the CAA include:

  • Fostering the fraternity of Architects in the Commonwealth
  • Improving the education of Architects throughout the Commonwealth
  • Enhancing the protection of public health and safety through the practice of architecture
  • Accreditation of Architectural Education programmes throughout the entire Commonwealth

Attending the conference and General Assembly were Architects Calvin Pemberton, President of SKNIA and Wycliffe H. Morton CAA- Vice President for the Americas, who was returned as the Vice President representing the Americas for the term 2016-2019 as a member of the council.

The St. Kitts – Nevis Institute of Architects continues to maintain membership in the Commonwealth Association of Architects and the regional bodies of the Federation of Caribbean Architects Association and the Association of Commonwealth Societies of Architecture in the Caribbean (ACSAC) in order to continue the professional development of its members to world class architectural service professionals.

In the month of July 2015 the SKNIA will celebrate its own tenth anniversary with a week of activities over the period 12th – 18th July.